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You’ve Likely Heard of Us Before:

What Others Are Saying About Silverline

"I have known Ruben Gallego of Silverline Construction for 13 years and consider him an excellent contractor. We first worked together on a redevelopment project in Little Italy, near downtown San Diego. Since then, we have worked together on numerous occasions; with the most recent being two projects currently under construction. One, in Encinitas, is a new home with a budget of $600,000 Another project that Silverline is building is located in South Park, and is a 5 unit mixed use building with a budget of $850,000 I hope to have a long relationship with Ruben, andvalue his work ethic and honesty" - James Brown

"Silverline Construction was instrumental in making my first development project a tangible reality. Dan Farley and Ruben Gallego were great collaborators." - Hector P, La Jolla, CA

"I used Silverline for a remodel of two bathrooms and the kitchen in 2012. Their work was excellent, their prices reasonable and they finished the work on schedule. I then recommended them to a coworker, who also loved their work." - Ray R, San Diego, CA

"Silverline is the dream team of Ruben and Jerry Gallego. The high point of using them is their stellar personalities. Unlike every other contractor I’ve interacted with, they answer their phones every time, give perfect advice and do great work at a great price" - Nathan W, La Jolla, CA

"Silverline Construction completed our remodel and addition in January of 2012. Not only was their bid competitive, but the owner, Ruben Gallego, is personable, friendly and attentive. The work was completed ahead of schedule and right on budget!" - Elizabeth P, San Diego, CA

Where You’re at Right Now

Since 1999, Silverline Construction has worked with people just like you. Regardless of whether you’re a Homeowner of San Diego, Developer, Business owner or are the project manager for a State or Federal-funded agency, we know how difficult it can be to find the right general contractor for your construction needs. But seriously, do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You’re not entirely sure what a general contractor is or what they’re capable of …
  • You’re astounded by the price tag associated with high-quality construction work …
  • You’ve heard horror stories from friends and family, and don’t know where to turn …
  • You struggle to place your trust in someone (and something) you know little about

If our words at least somewhat align with what you’re currently experiencing, know now that we’re able to remove the confusion, replacing it with the end product you’ve always envisioned.

Think about it—the above reviews weren’t given to us by mere happenstance. We worked tirelessly for them, and refused to sign off on each project until the customer was perfectly satisfied. We did it for them, and we’ll gladly do it for you, too.

Why Silverline Is Always the Best Option

Here at Silverline, we specialize in three types of construction:


On a more minute level, this kind of expertise translates into skilled project management, plan reading, estimating, budgeting, framing, foundation work, millwork, production trim, light demolition and siding, window and door installation.

And though you might not understand the subtle side of each of the above services, it doesn’t take a skilled craftsman or experienced general contractor to understand the importance of each of the following:

  • We’ve been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for 10 years.
  • During that 10-year period, we’ve had a total of ZERO complaints filed against us.
  • We hold a Small Business Administration (SBA) 8A certificate.
  • Both qualifying and earning it required completion of a six-month application process.
  • At all times, we’re 100% up-to-date with our licensing, insurance and bonding.
  • Lastly, we own all Silverline trucks, trailers and equipment and tools.

We treat every day’s work as yet another opportunity to distance ourselves from the competition. Nothing would make us happier than being given an opportunity to prove to you our skill, value and commitment to industry-leading construction.